Partnered with the University of Washington Human-Centered Robotics Lab to complete my Informatics Capstone Project. This project focused on the concept of the Robot Operator License, a proposed standard for operating tele-robotic machinery. Learn More.

Abstract: Following the path of Moore’s Law, teleoperated robots are becoming more accessible and ubiquitous in the everyday consumers life -- forever changing the way we work and interact with the world around us. In order to maintain public safety in a society cohabited by humans and machines, the Robot Operator License ensures that users have completed training and received a license to operate their robot. This educational course provides critical information and interactive simulations in an effort to smoothly transition this technology into the modern world. Developed in partnership with the University of Washington Human-Centered Robotics Lab, the Robot Operator License is designed for the Beam+ telepresence robot, which serves as a proof-of­-concept and demonstrates a need for this type of operational education. Our course aims to tackle the policy challenges and threats to public safety due to the use of teleoperated robots by the everyday individual.

ROL Poster